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Home Textile

There are verities of home furnishing items. It consists of a various range of functional as well as decorative products mainly used in decorating our houses. Generally, home textiles are produced by weaving, knitting, crocheting, non-wovens, knotting, or pressing fibers.

It includes but not limited to Cushion, Pillow and covers
Quilt, Blankets, Bed linen, Bedspreads
Carpets, rugs, curtains,


Home being the most special place for any individual, its beauty enhances with the homecoming of our merchandise. Adding a splash of regal elegance to any room, beautifully crafted accessories such as Lamps, Coasters, Picture Frames and Jewellery boxes are very popular gifts and home decoration assortments. The accessories offered not only help in orienting the home and the guest, but also add to the slenderness of the living space.